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What is PaidVerts?
PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers. Advertisers purchase ads in PaidVerts. PaidVerts then delivers those ads to proven valuable users, and provides those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser. Advertisers thereby pay for guaranteed communication of their products to proven valuable users.
PaidVerts is the Paid To Click that pays dollars!

Who owns PaidVerts?
PaidVerts was constructed via crowd funding from My Traffic Value. And subsequently owned outright by the My Traffic Value communal portfolio. You can login to MyTrafficValue using your PaidVerts account login information. Your account & earnings can be used across both websites.

Can I earn real money and cashout from free?
Yes you can! No deposit is required to earn money with PaidVerts. Just signup a free account, click on one or more “BAP ads” found at the bottom of your Paid Ads member page. These ads don’t pay you cash, but they give you “Bonus Ad Points”. That are required to receive Paid Ads.
Every 100 BAP will deliver $0.05 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP. And with each paid cash ad you receive, the corresponding amount of BAP will be reduced. You’ll keep receiving paid ads until all your BAP is consumed. Top it up to earn more! The more BAP you accumulate in one go, the higher value ads your account will begin to receive. Click on the paid ads issued to you, and the cash value will be added to your account balance. That you can then cashout as soon as you meet the minimum required (from $1, depend on the payment method).

How much is a Bonus Ad Point worth?
Each bonus ad point (BAP) will deliver $0.0005 worth of ‘bonus ads’ to your account asap! As each ad is delivered to your account, your BAP balance is reduced by the corresponding amount.

How do I earn Bonus Ad Points?
View “BAP” ads from your Paid Ads page. You’ll receive 16* 25BAP ads each server day until you have viewed 100 BAP ads in total. And from then on you’ll receive 8x 25 BAP ads each server day.
In addition to the free ways to earn Bonus Ad Points as mentioned above. You can also earn Bonus Ad Points by purchasing advertising.
Every $1.00 of Bulk Advertising you purchase will add 3100 BAP (worth $1.55) to your account.

What determines the value of ads I receive each day?
Each day, PaidVerts sums up all the available funds from recent ad purchases, and then allocates that money between the users according to how much BAP they have. This system aims to reward “proven valuable” users as much as possible, to try and encourage more valuable users to use PaidVerts, that the advertisers are really interested in paying to communicating with.
If you look at first 550,000 ad views; PaidVerts delivered half a million clicks for just over $10k in total value. Which gives it a ~1.8cent per click average… So whilst these numbers look impressive on the surface; with some nice juicy big ads for the biggest users (up to $200/click); they’re balanced quite well with the free BAP ads, and super-low value ads to freebie users… Just PaidVerts focus the bulk of the earning at proven valuable users. And that’s what makes PV special!
You require a minimum of 1600 BAP in order to receive our higher value “daily ad issues”. If you want to earn more, aim to climb our “BAP Groups”; if you move up a group; you’ll earn at least a bit more than the one before it on any given daily issue:

BAP Group Level Bonus Ad Point Receive Ads Value Per Day(Approximate Range)
BAP Group 1 1600 to 12000 $0.1 to $0.5
BAP Group 2 12000 to 24000 $0.2 to $1
BAP Group 3 24k to 48k $0.4 to $2
BAP Group 4 48k to 96k $0.5 to $3
BAP Group 5 96k to 180k $1 to $5
BAP Group 6 180k to 360k $1.5 to $7
BAP Group 7 360k to 720k $2 to $10
BAP Group 8 720k to 1.5m $5 to $20
BAP Group 9 1.5m to 3m $10 to $40
BAP Group 10 3m to 6m $20 to $70
BAP Group 11 6m to 20m $50 to $150
BAP Group 12 20,000,000+ $100 to $500
BAP Group 13 50,000,000+ $200 to $1000
BAP Group 14 100,000,000+ $500 to $3000

The above ad groups only concern the main “daily ad issue”. PaidVerts also issues hundreds of thousands of tiny value ads completely at random each day. (Purchase ad filter from your My Account page if you want to block out low value ads). And any ‘targeted ads’ will use their own methods of targeting, irrelevant of your BAP. Buy “Super User” upgrade from your My Account page, to gain priority receiving the 10 x 1% value ads that get automatically created, and issued at random, with each new Bulk Ad campaign purchased each day.

What is the minimum cashout?
The minimum cashout amount depends on where you’re cashing your earnings out to:
MyTrafficValue Earnings Balance: No minimum!
Perfect Money: $1.00
EgoPay: $10.00
Solid Trust Pay: $10.00
PayPal: $2.00
Payza: $2.00
Western Union: $250.00
Bank Wire: $250.00

What are the deposit / cashout fees?
You can find a list of all the payment processor deposit / cashout fees here. You can deposit money through Perfect Money, And cashout through Paypal or Payza. This will help you save some money.

How long do cashouts take?
Allow 1-7days for cashouts normally. MyTrafficValue earnings balance transfers are instant. And in the event of any delays, you can keep up to date with the latest daily cashout news in the forum.

Getting Started – Video Guide
Check out the getting started video. Join in PaidVerts now!

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