Paid To Click

What is PTC?
PTC means Paid To Click. Paid To Click is a very easy way to make money online. There is no need of high skills just you should known how to browse the net. The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement. When you reach the minimum payout amount then PTC sites will transfer your money to Paypal or Payza account.

How much do I make a day with PTC?
Typically, clicking the ads can bring you from $0.001/click to $0.05/click. Paidverts is different from other PTC sites, it may paid up to $200/click. If you want more detail on Paidverts, please click here. A PTC site povides about 20 ads daily. So even though you spend about 15 minutes to click all ads, the money you earn less than $1.

How to earn $100 a day?
The secret is referrals, almost all PTC sites have referral system. What are referral? Referrals are someone who works for you. You can refer people to PTC sites using your referral link. When the person you referred clicks on some ads in PTC site, you will get a small amount of money as a reward, usually referral earnings are 50-100%.

For example, assuming that you have 100 referrals, each referral earn $0.1 for you.
your referral click earnings: 100 x $0.1 = $10/day

so you can earn as much as $10 a day just one site with 100 referrals. If you join more PTC sites or refer more referrals, earning $100 a day will become a reality.

How to get more referrals?
First you need find your referral links on the PTC sites, then place them on Facebook, Twitter, and any place where others can see it. You post your referral links more places mean that more people see them. Referring 1000 people is not easy thing to do, you must have determination and patience. You will feel wonderful once you’ve completed it. If you find it difficult to get some referrals, the site like Neobux and Ojooo WAD will give some users as your referral. These are called rented referrals. To rent referrals you need to pay some money to the site. If you don’t like referring, PaidVerts is the best choice for you.

Most of PTC sites have membership. There are many benefits that go along with being a premium member, like:
● Higher earning per click
● More ads available
● Bigger maximum amount of direct and rent referrals< ● Higher direct referral commissions ● ...... The membership of each site contains oneself special features, like ClixSense‘s premium members will get paid through 8-Tiers for referrals who also upgrade their accounts. If you want know more about ClixSense, please click HERE. Different type of membership costs are different, you should upgrade your account according to your needs.

Almost all of the PTC sites will pay to Payza, or via PayPal, which you can transfer them to your bank account. The money is paid to you once you’ve reached the payout limit (usually $1 – $10) and it takes a few seconds (with instant payments) for several months, depending on the site. Here is a list of commonly used online payment systems.

There are thousands of PTC sites on the internet, most of them are scams or will end up as scammers. Top PTC sites are hand-picked, nonetheless, does not mean that there is absolutely no risk. If the PTC site you join is not in the list above, you need to be more careful. Do not invest too much in one PTC site. Invest an amount what you can afford to loose. Withdraw your earnings regularly and immediately if possible.

Above is the core of PTC sites. Back trusted PTC sites list

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