How to maximise your earnings on PaidVerts

You require a minimum of 1600 BAP in order to receive higher value “daily ad issues”. Prior to that, the only paid cash ads you will receive will be random low value ads, and your “Micro Ad” pack ads, that you can request from your Paid Ads page.

▪ BAP is consumed by every paid ad you receive. That’s its purpose.
▪ You’ll keep receiving paid ads daily until all your BAP is consumed.
▪ Every 1 BAP you have will deliver $0.0005 worth of ads as soon as they’re available.
▪ Top your BAP up to earn more.

Tips to earn more:

1. Accumulate as much BAP as possible. The more you have the higher value ads your account will start to receive. For some perspective, to receive paid ads of $1+ with any frequency, you’re going to need at least 50-100k BAP. The primary way to do that is by viewing your daily BAP ads.

2. Buy Bulk ads. For every $1 spent, you’ll get 50 visits to your website, and 3100 BAP. That will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP.

3. Buy Super User upgrade, to gain priority receiving the 10x 1% value ads that are created each time a new ad campaign is purchased.

4. Try buying the $0.05 recycler pro upgrade from your My Account page. That will deliver $1 worth of ads to your account very quickly – usually within 72hours.

Read daily forum news, to see exactly how much each “BAP GROUP” receives in paid ads each day (it varies enormously, depending upon advertiser availability)

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